/vi:lk/ A play on the polish word 'wilk' or wolf.

Vvilk was founded in 2015 by Mike and Paula Kulesza. We are a multi-disciplinary couple with a shared vision to create wearable art that reflects our love for nature and meticulous craftsmanship.

Once we started experimenting with 3D printed jewelry, we realized it was the perfect way to create our own unique designs with complex shapes and fine details. Every piece of Vvilk jewelry is digitally sculpted in a 3d software. The prototypes are then created in a process which combines the technology of 3D printing with the traditional lost-wax casting technique.

Drawing inspiration from wildlife and its surroundings, we reimagine animals in their most captivating form with a bold and daring approach of low-poly geometry that gives the pieces their sculpture-like quality. The truly innovative low-poly style allows for exceptionally edgy and geometric details that are impossible to achieve conventionally by sculpting a block of wax.

Crafted with every detail in mind, the featured designs celebrate the mystery animals bring to our lives. They are totems that represent the spirit and essence of animals, as well as the qualities and attributes that you may see in yourself.

This philosophy transcends into the pieces with the intention of not only elevating your everyday style but embodying it with ever-present meaning and purpose. Many traditions believe that spirit animals give us guidance, teach us about ourselves, help us maintain balance and accompany us through life.